Obama Moves to Destroy Republic, 'Erase' the Second Amendment

Executive Orders are now weapon of choice to by-pass Congress and send a spear into the heart of the Constitution

ProdigyNews.com Report by DW Hall
March 19, 2012

With the shocking March 16 release and peacetime/non-emergency remake of Obama'a signing the Executive Order NDRP (National Defense Resources Preparedness) we are reminded of the horrific pieces of legislation already put in place preceding this dictatorial directive showing the continuity of the cronie establishment that has been hijacked by the banksters who have shipped America's wealth to foreign holdings and are now building a Police/Military perimeter around America using their own people and resources.

The recent NDAA recently passed by the compromised criminals in Congress, along with the 1933 war powers act, the 1947 National Security Act, the now re-designed 1950 NDRP and the 2007 John Warner Defense Authorization Act have all acted towards one final goal of completing the NWO bankster takeover. This was set up to take over third world countries and others while using America as their base of operations. During which time they would be taking over the infrastructure through the bankster fraudulent system otherwise know as the Federal Reserve, they would be dumbing down, drugging, and performing many various forms of Eugenics on the people which can be seen in Alex Jones film EndGame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement.

Most think Martial Law will be some overnight sensational act that happens when you go to bed one night and wake up the next day and there will be troops on every street in every city in America. Nothing could be further from the truth under the globalist conquest scheme that has been designed and continues to be implemented with acceleration. The plan of the Psychopath Establishment has been that of incrementalization, or referred to as the Overton Window in which the control freaks are slowly moving the window of that which the people will accept until eventually the people will buy into anything the NWO throws at them.

Watch this video by Alex Jones explaining what Martial Law is and how it is being carried out:

The criminal powers that have fully hijacked the American people's government/constitution know all to well there is far to much firepower and resistance stored up in the gun-lockers of the homes of those who still understand liberty and freedom and are willing to risk all. The criminal minions like now Attorney General Eric Holder was found in a recent video release to have announced his desire to "brainwash" the "youngstas" into believing guns are bad and to turn in anyone (including their parents you can bet) to the "authorities".

See the Alex Jones Video Compilation of both Holder and Obama with their plans to lock down America:

This stealth but steady process in which it is being carried out through acts of Congress and Executive Orders paving the way for a complete globalist takeover must force anyone with half a live brain cell to realize time has not been a factor .... until NOW.

With a recent announcement by an NRA top  official stating that President Obama will move to "destroy" gun rights and "erase" the Second Amendment in his second term as he has placated and given lip service to gun owners during his first terms but plans the final Coup d'etat on the second amendment of the next term. Undoubtedly he will use a false-flag of some sort after failing with the 'Fast and Furious', coupled with an Executive Order fully by-passing the Congress. Because of this awakening to this criminal order, time is now of the utmost importance to the NWO overlords to initiate immediately their complete and final plans of takeover.

In order to carry out the immediacy of this Orwellian scam, the control freak establishment has now put into place through the Republican crony establishment a blockade of effectively preventing Ron Paul from being placed in the headlines of winning even one state. Though there was clearly election fraud committed in numerous states as detailed at length on Infowars.com, the slave stream media continues to report nothing to see here, move along.

This deceptive fraud now being carried out against the American People is so in your face that it appears they have thrown any caution to the wind. These fraudsters know there time is short and they intend on putting up one last great hurrah to finish off the republic/constitution.

In case the weasly wing righters think that back-up puppet Romney or the 'christian-wing' Santorium (name intentionally misspelled in remembrance of his defense of cancer causing vaccines) you will likely be that much more sorrowful day after elections because you did not stand up for Liberty. The banksters are going to pull the plug on the Crony Republican Candidate and from that point you can put together the pieces as to what will take place thereafter. It is not going to be pretty.


DW Hall is Editor and Writer for ProdigyNews.com